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Goofy Gear

Do you know what betrayal looks like to my gelding? I do. It looks like patterned horse clothing. Specifically, bird patterns.

I had the opportunity to splurge on a few things for him at the end of February (lol, by that I mean "buy on sale"), and two things caught my eye. One, an $11 sale pad from Riding Warehouse with multicolored owls on it. Two, a Shires sheet I found new on Ebay from a few years ago in the limited chicken print. I'm not sure I've had cause to mention it before, but I am legitimately obsessed with both owls and chickens. Birds of any kind, really, even this nasty sucker who hates everyone but me.

Why yes, that is a cockateil eating scrambled eggs. Nothing to see here.

I couldn't help myself. Java did need a rain sheet that isn't beat to absolute hell/questionably waterproof. Plus, the RW order was being placed for a slightly-bigger Coolback pad and a memory foam ECP half pad to use with my regular waffle pads. It made sense to round out the order. Don't judge me.

He wouldn't even look at me until I crinkled a treat.

Java certainly judged me, though. He judged me really hard. But, he didn't buck me off and went really well in the memory foam pad, so he scores another point in the tolerance department. Go ahead and make faces, horse. I can take it.

There's genuine horror in his eyes.

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