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I'm Officially Nuts

Remember those stupid goals I made for 2017? I do. And one of them is getting checked off on May 13th.

I registered for a 50k.

Are you hype? I'm hype. I'm also maybe going to die. Don't worry, though. I did a shitload of research before I picked this one, and there actually are a handful of benefits to this race.

One, it's close enough to where I live that I don't have to get a hotel room. I can stage my panicked mess of running gear in peace. Who needs two CamelBaks and three hydration belts? Apparently I do.

Two, it's friendly to newer runners. Limited elevation, largely shaded, and staffed with people who know what the fuck they're doing.

Three, it's beautiful. I mean, come on.

#running #fitness #50k

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