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Time Goes By

Holy bananas a lot has happened. Since my last post, an unreasonable amount of shit has gone down. Obviously, blog updates were not included. I did get an active Instagram and Twitter going, though, so there's that? (@TheLongTrot)

The last post came at the tail end of a year of AmeriCorps, and I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I wanted to ride. Bad. That #ROOTD was for my riding interview for a working student position at a dressage facility.

I got the gig.

And then I got a bill for my student loans, panicked, and started applying to other jobs, one of which I got. If I wanted a horse, the job was an offer I really would be an idiot to refuse, so I turned the working student job down and took this instead. For the last year, I've been working full time in a "real job," and I'm very fortunate to have excellent coworkers, management, and flexibility.

But the big thing? The thing that I did two months after getting hired? That's the thing I want to talk about in the next few posts.

I bought a horse.

And like an old veterinarian said to my mother when she tried to buy me a pony at 6 years old, "Buying them is the easy part."

God, he couldn't have been more right.

#horseshopping #java

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