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Lesson Update

I've finally decided to bite the damn bullet (wallet?) and switch to private lessons only. As much fun as my kooky barn crew is, I just don't feel like I get the same amount out of the group lesson. Last week was a great example, where the majority of the lesson was spent with riders switching horses, doodling around with tack, and me trotting around alone, teaching myself.

It's not my trainer's fault; she excells in a private setting, and we're a little all over the place and difficult to bring together, even as groups go. Granted, I had the best canter probably ever on Dancer (squeeze abs like you're coughing and lean back against the wall instead of breaking your spine with her movement - who knew?!). It was forward and lovely and about five minutes of the lesson.

So, yesterday, I had a private lesson, just Dancer and I, and the boyfriend came out to film the whole thing. I absolutely LOVED it, and we worked on forward walk and maintaining adequate rein contact and helping drive her forward and actual canter exercises. The canter was my favorite, and I felt so in control. Dancer, too, was really stretchy, and she went in a frame, held it, and even tried to play along when we did diagonal one-trot-stride-changes. Video and pictures hopefully to come!

Fingers crossed I can make my working student plans happen...

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