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Dem Sparklez Doe

I ordered Dancer a bridle charm for Christmas, since I love pink and sparkly things and putting them on my pony. Obviously, she didn't give a shit, but I thought it was cool. Also, I'm obsessed with Instagram businesses. This seller is super responsive, follows through, and I love how much she cares about her product quality and her customers. Cause that's kind of important and shit.

We got the stamped charm/gemstone combo with Dancer's name on it and a matching hot pink snaffle bit bracelet. For $10, that was actually a pretty good deal. I love the idea of bridle charms, but they're pretty expensive considering I can make most of that in my craft shop (AKA small table in my room that has pliers and jewelry wire).

The stamping and stone, I can't do, though. This arrived attached to a neat, professional business card, and I attached it to my bridle with the keychain ring. It was actually ridiculously hard to get on, and I bent the ring. Thus, while riding, the charm started to work it's way off. That's an easy fix, though; I'm going to buy a little silver lobster clasp and attach it to that instead. I absolutely love the look of it, though, and it's very pretty against the black bridle. I'm rating it 7/10 for the difficulty of attaching it and the lack of lobster clasp, but I'll probably buy again.

I mean, how could I not when it was the talk of the lesson? :)


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