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Stirrup Success!

Several awesome things have happened. Like, seriously awesome and I'm pretty hype about the whole thing. Since starting lessons again, I've seen craaaazy improvements in my ability to understand my pony, and these past few weeks have really validated a lot of hard work.

  1. Yes Stirrup November worked! Now, I ride in irons all the time unless I'm on trail. I can get a dropped stirrup back, adjust my foot, and keep my stirrups pretty well now. Since winter is mostly ring riding for me, it's only going to get better.

  2. Dancer can go around the ring at a trot in a frame. A few years ago, we'd be lucky to have three steps of a frame. I think it was because of lack of schooling and muscle strength there. Now, we've got this.

  3. Our canter departures are coming together. Rose's way of teaching the takeoff is so much easier to execute than what I've always been taught, and it helps me balance better. Sometimes Dancer still bucks, but that leads to number 4...

  4. I now know that I can trust Dancer enough to give her some rein at the canter. Before, she was a runaway in the ring. Now, I can rate her speed because I know how to help her better balance around turns. Once I shake off the last bit of being afraid to loosen up, this is gonna rock.

Unrelated but also awesome, we now have lights in the arena, a dressage ring set up inside it, and some awesome little jump courses. Annddddd, the best news of all?

ROBIN GROVES, the absolute best trainer I've ever had, is coming back for a clinic this weekend!!! She hasn't been since I've started lessons, and I'm so excited for her to see our progress.

This is gonna be rad.

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