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#MCM - Talisman T

Dancer and I were talking this weekend on our long ride, and we decided that we should probably jump on the Man Crush Monday train. But, you know, with stallions, since she always gets her way.

So, today's #MCM is Talisman T! You can drool over more pictures his owner took of him at his Facebook page. You know you want to.

Yup, he's gorgeous. I have to give it to Dancer, she has good taste. He is a bit young for her, though; he's only 7! Always knew she was a cougar.

And he can trot! Dat suspension though.

The best part, though, is that he's incredibly talented. He's a Sporthorse In-Hand champion, regularly pins in dressage, and has shown a lot of talent for jumping.

He's also a Sporthorse Nationals Payback stallion, which is awesome and more people should know about it.

#mancrushmonday #dancer #stallion

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