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So I Ordered a Pony Box...

Have you heard of these things? I'll admit, the ad on the side of Facebook looked a lot like some online horse game, but when I finally clicked it...

Oh man. Amazing horse subscription box.

Essentially, they took all the awesome crafty stuff horse people on Instagram make and decided to do curated boxes of custom stuff in a monthly subscription. And I love me some crafty horse stuff, but this ish is expensive. Like $35, for the Mini Box, which is the smallest offer, and $75 for the Ultimate Box. Um, nope.

But then I saw these. And things changed.

These boots are in the December box, and they're a set of four. So I bought the middle-level box (The Pony Box of the company's name) for $50, and specified that I want the boots on the top right. That's what my freelance money is for, right?

I regret nothing except that I have to wait until December 15th.

(And especially not that I pre-ordered a matching saddle pad!)

#pink #legprotection #theponybox #saddlepad #horsefashion

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