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Sunday Pony Update!

Finally! The arena has thawed to the point that no one's going to dissapear into a snow drift or fall down and die. Today was in the 50's, and Dancer and I got to take a lesson. All my other horsey friends from the barn were there, too, so we had a full house. Borderline circus for a minute or two.

One girl made Dancer some pink camo polos, which were super cute. Tiny pony legs, though; they were a little too long, and we wrapped her one leg wrong. Our instructor, Rose, showed us how to fix it. Hey, cut me some slack. Last time I put on polos was easily over a decade ago. Princess Complains-About-Boots-Because-They-Make-Her-Legs-Feel-Weird was actually ok with these, though, so maybe we'll add polos into our lesson routine. I'll never turn down a chance to wear more pink!

Hopefully the weather stays nicer (nope, supposed to snow Tuesday) so I can ride more. There's some serious hay belly going on. Dancer needs to trim down a bit before Hanna takes her to the Bunny Hop. I guess I can't judge, though. I've got some winter trimming to do, myself. :)

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