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Holy Woah, Too Much Snow!

Well, maybe not too much. I'm still not-so-secretly ten years old and gleefully awaiting days off of school, no expectation from the world to travel anywhere, and not having to wear real pants. Who's coming over in this weather, anyway? No one, let's be real. Yoga pants o'clock!

On the lame side, I haven't been able to ride. I've been taking weekly lessons when I have time/cash for it, but the snow has rendered the arena pretty useless. Too mucky/snowy/frozen/deadly for me, at least. I probably could be driving out to the barn to hang out, but it's a 25 mile hike. The weather's had me a little lazy lately, and catching up on schoolwork isn't making time a readily-available thing. Hopefully this warm spell we're supposed to get helps the ring thaw so I can get back on the pony!

Stay warm, wherever you are!

#snow #weather #obstacles

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