• Learn to stand at the mounting block consistently and wait before walking off.  

  • Do a lot of walk hacks, especially early in the year.  

  • Build his trotting base slowly.  build duration/intensity using this program.

  • Do a CDR (Conditioning Distance Ride) in the first half of the year.  

  • Go to a dressage schooling show.  

  • Take some lessons with a reasonable degree of regularity.  

  • Take advantage of clinics, and auditing counts!  

  • Go swimming.  

  • Do a CTR (Competitive Trail Ride) or LD (Limited Distance) in the second half of the year.  

  • Make ring work more effective with poles and exercises.   

  • Learn/practice how to braid.

  • Start some eventing lessons.

  • Do more stirrupless/sitting trot work.  Ugh.



  • Become a trail runner.  

  • Actually pay attention to my heart rate. 

  • Run a 50k in the spring.  Because 26.2 miles is so 2016.

  • Run a marathon, 50k, or the Rocky Challenge in the fall.  Because fuck it, I'll already be fit.

  • Work on changing my heel strike to a midfoot strike.  

  • Transition into zero-drop shoes.  

  • Volunteer at an ultra marathon. 

  • Spend more time stretching.  Any stretching at all would be good.

  • Do more core work and cross training.  

  • Start hiking.  Find nature.  Walk in it.  Or run.  Whatever feels good.


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